brand partnerships

The Value of Brand Partnerships

So what exactly is a brand partnership? We define it as a strategic collaboration of brands, so that they can achieve marketing synergy. When done well, a good partnership can be used to reach engaged audiences within another brand’s passionate community. But first, marketers must evaluate audience overlap and market opportunity to reduce risk and […]

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5 Segmentation Strategies to Convert More Customers – UK Market

Identify and reach valuable audiences before your competitors We live in the age of consumer choice. People — not brands — drive the next wave of products, services and technologies. The next generation of winners and losers will be defined not only by companies who adapt to the market, but by those who understand, anticipate […]

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Automotive Inspire: SUVs – AU Market

Insights and Trends Around SUVs The bigger the car, the better, right? This inspire looks at insights and trends around all things SUV, including when and how people are searching for them, what characteristics around SUVs are in the highest demand, and how searching for particular brands fluctuate over time. The audience behind SUV searches […]

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