Conversion Rate to Special Offers and Dealership Pages, Top 10 Auto Manufacturers

Mitsubishi’s digital strategy helped drive 10.6% vehicle sales growth

2018 has been a good year for the automotive industry. Despite a slight drop in May, the year is on track to eclipse 2017’s all-time annual sales record. Over the first five months of 2018, new vehicle sales have grown 2.1% YoY, to reach over 475,000 unit sales. But not all automakers have seen the […]

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Automotive – Cultivating Interest Through Search & Content

In our latest series of blogs we are going to explore some of the key trends for the Automotive industry in 2017. Automotive is well known for its long purchase cycles, so it’s paramount for a brand to stay top of mind. Brand building efforts are typically done through outbound marketing, like TV and sponsorships, which […]

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How Auto Brands Can Use Data for Smarter Technology Partnerships

Last year, Hyundai’s CEO called the car the “ultimate mobile device,” a statement that was echoed into the tech world canon by Apple SVP Jeff Williams. The technology industry has truly embraced cars as mobile devices, albeit the most expensive mobile device anyone owns, so it’s not surprising that CES 2017 was the scene of […]

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5 Segmentation Strategies to Convert More Customers – US Market

Identify and reach valuable audiences before your competitors We live in the age of consumer choice. People — not brands — drive the next wave of products, services and technologies. The next generation of winners and losers will be defined not only by companies who adapt to the market, but by those who understand, anticipate […]

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Will Electric Vehicles Disrupt the Auto Industry?

As consumers continue making our homes smarter, families healthier and lives greener, we are increasingly reminded of the carbon footprint we leave behind. As more electric vehicles crop up across the auto industry, it begs the question: Will low-pollutant, electric vehicles disrupt the auto industry and dominate the roads a generation from now? Just as […]

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Automotive Inspire: SUVs – AU Market

Insights and Trends Around SUVs The bigger the car, the better, right? This inspire looks at insights and trends around all things SUV, including when and how people are searching for them, what characteristics around SUVs are in the highest demand, and how searching for particular brands fluctuate over time. The audience behind SUV searches […]

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