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Retail visits up in May to June despite YoY retail visits dipping

While retail visits improved +27% from May to June 2019, year on year visits dropped -3% in June. Many are blaming the June gloom on just that – poor weather throughout the month leading to a decline in shopping, especially for key categories like House & Garden.    The Trusted Online Consumer Journey  Although visits […]

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Black Friday 2018: UK retail visits down 3%, Amazon up 3% YoY

Black Friday has just unravelled, so how has the retail industry performed in the UK? See below for top Hitwise stats by retail category, top players and hot products.   1. UK online retail reaches 194 million visits on Black Friday, down 3% YoY  Cyber Week (which included Monday 19th to Sunday 25th at time […]

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Customer-centric data: The foundation of all decision making in retail

The evolving expectations and demands of the consumer – this is the greatest challenge retailers are faced with today. We have become hyper-connected, time-poor, mobile and social, which impacts heavily on how retailers must market, attract and retain their customers. The explosive rise of Cyber Week has also put even greater pressure on profit margins. […]

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How are people responding to Amazon?

Rising consumer demands are also driven, in part, by Amazon. The e-commerce giant accounts for 25% of all online retail traffic in the UK. Amazon has pushed the boundaries in terms of personalization, pricing and delivery and continues to build a presence across different retail categories. But not all retail businesses have taken the hit. […]

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What is the difference between a successful retailer and one lagging behind?

For successful retailers, it’s all about them really understanding who their target audience actually is. They’ve done their research, they understand who their core customers actually are, and they can understand and follow through every part of the customer life cycles, from that initial grabbing of interest, through to advertising and social media. As the […]

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Supermarkets Blog

Sainsbury’s & Asda – What would the merger look like online?

The past year have seen a string of M&A activity rock the FMCG and retail landscape. From Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods for 13.7 billion USD in August, to the more recent acquisition of Nisa by Co-op for 140 million GBP in May, the market has shifted seismically both offline and online. But since its […]

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Supermarkets Report

Tactics to Target Audiences and Product Categories Key Findings The top 3 supermarkets, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and ASDA, have the highest online population share in the UK, but zooming in to city-level, other supermarkets also compete. Online searches for “gin” have grown rapidly over the year, and were 93% higher at the start of November, compared to the […]

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The Clean Living Movement Goes Mainstream

As featured in the BRC Q4 Quarterly Retail Trends Report The turn of year traditionally brings about a “new year, new me” mantra. This normally manifests in various ways, such as an uptake in searches for crash detox diets or a sharp rise in gym website visitations and memberships. Hitwise data, which aggregates and anonymises […]

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Data Day: Clean Living 2017 – UK Market

Eat, move and wear: attitudes and behaviors of the health-conscious consumer. Have you noticed the recent transformation occuring in your area? First, your local pub started offering gluten-free and vegan meals. Next, a fairtrade gift shop popped up down the road. Now within a single postcode there are multiple gyms, a boutique studio and an […]

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