Prime Day 2019

Prime Day 2019: US Analysis

How other retailers and brands performed during Amazon’s marquee event As Hitwise reported last week, Amazon’s 2019 Prime Day broke records (again). In the US, Prime Day generated 20.2 million transactions across the 48-hour period, which is 2 million more than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. Another incredible feat was surpassing the 10% conversion […]

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Cyber Monday Trends

Cyber Monday Winners — Which Retailers Sold More?

Cyber Monday took the prize for the top transaction day of Peak Week, with the top 50 retailers processing more than 14.5 million online transactions. By comparison, those same retailers processed 13 million transactions on Black Friday and 12.5 million on Thanksgiving. In total, the top 50 retailers processed 54.2 million online transactions between Thanksgiving […]

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Who Won Thanksgiving & Black Friday 2017?

Traffic and Conversions from Peak Week Big Picture The Top 50 retailers in the United States processed an estimated… The top two days were… As a benchmark, the top 50 retailers processed 5.0 million and 4.7 million transactions online on the 16th and 17th of November, respectively, one week before Thanksgiving and Black Friday. That […]

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Fast Fashion Industry Winners and Strugglers

There is no doubt that clothing remains a big business; Americans spend more than $250 billion on apparel each year. Mar 2014 – Mar 2017 saw exponential growth to fast fashion websites with a 67% increase in visits. However, the last year (Mar 2016 to Mar 2017) revealed a 9.47% decline as fast fashion brands […]

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Fast Fashion Industry Growth Analysis Report 2017

Key Brands, Market Challenges, and Consumer Attitudes The term “fast fashion” originated from the rapid movement of styles from the catwalk to retail shelves nationwide. Today, the rate of new fashion cycles has accelerated to a feverish pace. “It used to be four seasons in a year; now it may be up to 11 or […]

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Why Do Millennials Love Activewear?

Over the past five years, the apparel industry has undergone a quiet revolution. A quick glance around your average city block should provide ample evidence. The Lululemon yoga pants. The trendy criss-cross tanks. Those aren’t workout clothes—they are a lifestyle. That, and a multi-billion-dollar industry. In a matter of years, activewear has evolved from baggy […]

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