Hot Holiday Products

Hot Holiday Products in The Lead Up to Christmas

With two weeks before Christmas and Hanukkah, we’re seeing a sort of “locking in” of the hot holiday products, and expect little movement in the next couple of weeks. While there were three “new items” to the top ten this week, Destiny 2 and iPhone 8 had both previously made an appearance on the list […]

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Hot Holiday Products - Week of Cyber Monday

Hot Product Trends – Week of Cyber Monday

Last week, which included Cyber Monday, there was little movement among the top holiday products. We did see Google Home and Google Home Mini move up the ranks a bit since the week of Thanksgiving, thanks to ongoing deals for the smart speaker offered from Peak Week through the end of December. Xenoblade Chronicles 2, […]

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Music Streaming Services and their Audiences

Whether listening to Spotify in your car, streaming your favorite DJ via SoundCloud, or playing a holiday Pandora station during family Christmas, most modern consumers have participated in music streaming services. But within this broad universe of music streaming, we found distinct audience differences depending on the platform. We honed in on exclusive Pandora, Spotify […]

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What Does the Millennial Mom Want for Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching and despite the fact that there’s been a steady rise in Mother’s Day-related searches since mid-April, approximately 70 percent of Mother’s Day-focused online activity will occur during the last week before the big day. While Gen X women still account for the largest share of moms raising kids, Millennial moms […]

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5 Ways to Better Target & Profile Audiences Using Online Search Behaviour

Explore five ways marketers can generate more accurate, insightful and actionable consumer insights drawn form audience profiles and targets driven by search.  Think about those who know you best. Chances are, someone like your spouse/partner, sibling or best friend comes to mind. Someone, or rather something, you are probably not considering is your Web browser. […]

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10 Gifts for 5 Unique Audiences: Your holiday gift guide

Before we get to our gift guide, here’s a brief update on the hottest products from the week including Cyber Monday. Top 20 hot products Weeks ending December 12, 2015 Rank Search Term Share of search clicks 1 Fitbit 0.035% 2 LEGO 0.023% 3 GoPro 0.020% 4 iPhone 6S 0.018% 5 iPad 0.017% 6 Apple […]

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