Convert Hilton browsers into buyers

How can Hilton win back their online browsers?

How the battle of Airbnb vs. Hotels is influencing conversions The competition for getting travelers to book online is fierce. Hotel operators, like Hilton and Marriott, want you to come directly to their site to book, while online travel agencies (OTAs) promote their ability to secure the best deal as an advantage. And now there’s […]

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Aussies Prepare for “Killer Flu” Season

The number of reported flu cases in Australia has already tripled since last year, gearing the country up for a “killer flu” season. But Aussies aren’t sitting idle as the virus spreads across the nation. Searches surge for flu shots They are going online to seek methods that can help prevent or combat the flu. Online […]

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travel, vacations, Fiji

Travel Report 2019

The 2019 industry outlook is positive, but how can travel players make the most of this year's growth?

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Makeup and beauty

Beauty Industry Report: Australian Market

A Digital Marketing Perspective: How Brands & Retailers Can Compete in Australia The beauty industry in Australia is shifting rapidly, and the market is ripe with opportunity for brands who can adapt. Skincare and cosmetics have seen the most growth, and competition has increased as international products flood the market. Luxury brands have fed much […]

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Tripadvisor News: Traffic Grows YOY, As Does Its Influence on Travel

Tripadvisor News: Over the last year Tripadvisor struggled to balance growth and profitability, as executives worked to cut costs and double down on their core hotel audience. The company says they are making a bet on future growth, but some are questioning their prospects. While the future of Tripadvisor’s profitability remains up in the air, […]

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Emerging Mobile Trends and Apps: Travel Inspire

Popular apps, behaviors, and mobile industry trends App Rankings: App Store vs. Play Store Getting and retaining loyal app users remains a challenge for many travel brands. But for those who succeed, the benefits are clear: app users tend to be highly engaged and spend more money in-app. This chart breaks down the top travel […]

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