Fashion Report Q1 2019

Digital Tactics for Retailers and Brands 2019 is showing promise for brick and mortar retail. As markets trend up, several national chains are actually opening new stores this year. Although e-commerce acted as a driving force throughout 2018, fashion website visits were flat year on year during Q1 2019. Is online activity plateauing for fashion? […]

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july insights cover

Fast Fashion, Fans, and Prime Day Dominate in July

July experienced the slowest rise in any month this year of only 4.1%, compared to an impressive performance last month in June which saw the largest online visit rise of 7.5% year-to-date. This deceleration is particularly concerning when compared to the 6-7% growth rates seen between January to June. Retailers most likely expected more from […]

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Fashion Report 2018

Digital Tactics for Retailers and Brands 2018 was tough on retailers and brands. With online visits rising by 17%, compared to 2017, the online channel is driving growth for the fashion industry. Key to this rise are innovative retailer and brands, both pure players and traditional brick-and-mortars, getting digital marketing and e-commerce tactics right. In […]

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