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Credit Cards on Unmasking Competitor Performance

The missing pieces of the puzzle on financial price comparison sites: Price comparison websites have grown in popularity across a wide range of industries, thanks to their ability to provide a singular snapshot of the marketplace. Customers particularly rely on comparison sites when researching and purchasing financial products, from home loans to credit cards. […]

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Experience Economy

Why Marketers Shouldn’t Ignore the Experience Industry

In our previous retail disruptors blog, we looked at the growth of the subscription box industry and why it is important for brands to consider a sub box strategy. Now, we unveil the latest insights around the growing Experience Economy, and discover which audiences are driving this shift and what they are in the market […]

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The Experience Economy Report

Industry trends, Audiences and Outlook In our latest report, Hitwise has partnered with Virgin Experience Days, to understand: what is the experience economy, what does it mean to individuals and what is the outlook for the sector. In this quick read, you will learn about: – Industry Overview: Tracking the industry’s growth and influences that […]

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Hitwise Case Study: Virgin Atlantic

Using Audience Data to Hone Your Channel Strategy

Your website drives traffic from hundreds of sources; email, search, social media, blogs and more. Identifying your strongest channel drivers allows you to double down on what’s working, and can help you optimise traffic. Flying Higher Than the Rest: A Virgin Atlantic Case Study In this example, we looked at one of the most popular […]

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August Insights (Hitwise blog)

Retail Banking in 2017 UK: A Digital Marketing Perspective

Enhancing Customer Experience And Loyalty Through Online Intelligence  Digital technology has been a top priority for retail banks over the past few years and continues to be a key success factor in 2017. The ability to interact easily with banks has become increasingly important to customers, as new disruptive players bring technology to the forefront. […]

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Breaking Down the Top 10 US Airlines’ Market Share

Traffic to the airline industry as a whole has increased over the past 3 years, but this growth has not been shared by all airline brands. Let’s break down the website traffic to the top ten US airlines to determine key differences that help some of them soar above the rest. When you break down […]

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Australian Mobile Search: Topics and Themes

Consumer Insights Report: Showcasing how brands can leverage Mobile Search more efficiently and why it should be treated differently to Desktop For many years, it’s been predicted that this was the year of mobile. Whilst this year has been proven to be the official ‘Year of the Mobile’ for Australian consumers, many brands are still […]

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