Almost 7 million transactions made on Amazon over Prime Day 2018

Amazon Analytics 2018

INTRODUCTION See how Amazon is trailblazing the e-commerce spectrum and beyond: The $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods, in June 2017, signified Amazon’s serious bid into the groceries and brick-and-mortar space.  Prime Day 2018, 36 hours of exclusive deals on July 16/17, further displayed Amazon’s e-tailing dominance. Over 17 million transactions were processed on Amazon […]

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Shopping mall

Uncovering the Retailer Black Box 2018 [On Demand Video]

Category and product level analytics for retailers and brands Despite thousands and thousands of brands online, the top ten retailers account for 44% of all online retail traffic in the UK. Amazon alone attracts 26% of this traffic, with consumers increasingly starting their search journey on the e-tailing giant. The dominance of Amazon is undeniable. Very […]

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Movers Audience Analysis

Consumers in Transition: Who They Are, How They Search, and Where they Shop According to one estimate, new movers spend about $9,000 per move. Those expenses include directly relevant costs like transportation, storage and moving supplies, but it also includes things like furniture, home renovations and landscaping. Movers are not only a high-spending segment, they […]

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Data Day: Clean Living 2017 – US Market

Eat, move and wear: attitudes and behaviors of the health-conscious consumer. Have you noticed the transformation in your neighborhood? First, your local bar started offering gluten-free burger buns. Next, a fair trade gift shop popped up down the road. Now within a single zip code there are two gyms, a boutique barre studio and a […]

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