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“Eco Travel” searches rise +40% YoY

Sustainability has dominated headlines in the past year. The UK government announced plans to cut over 100,000 tonnes of food waste each year. Supermarkets have agreed to ban all single-use plastic by 2025. Sir David Attenborough also said that if we don’t take action against climate change, we could face irreversible damage to the natural […]

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Sustainability Report

Brits change rubbish habits due to ‘Attenborough effect’

It was recently reported that a total 27.3 million tonnes of waste was created across the UK, but new research from Hitwise, Britain’s largest online behavioural specialist, reveals the nation is moving in the right direction, with Brit’s ‘plastic recycling’ searches increasing by 55 per cent.(1) Recent online reactions show the UK is alert to […]

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