Campaign Performance

Track and Improve Your Brand Lift

When you invest in any campaign or sponsorship, you need to know if it’s worth it. Hitwise has daily, audience-first analytics to measure and improve campaign performance. We can quantify uplifts in online share, engagement, and sales by audience segment. 


Build unique audiences 

Hitwise data is audience-first. This means you can define a segment of people based on the criteria you want.

For a brand sponsoring a television program, this could include people who have watched the program online and visited the brand’s site.

For a brand partnering with a social influencer, this could include viewers or searchers of the influencer’s content that have bought from the brand.

MAC Fleur de Force Partnership


Track brand lift against the competition 

Analyze your audience’s digital behaviors before, during, and after the campaign. If there is an online touch point, we can define and measure it.

Put any shifts in online behaviors into context. Through benchmarking data, see if you have poached people from the competition over different stages of your campaign.


Quantify the success of your campaigns

Get the metrics that let you prove if you’ve been successful. Compare pre, during and post campaign with volume measurements like total visits, searches, and sales.

Combine this with engagement metrics, such as visits per user, page views per visit, and time spent on your site. See if your audience has grown and become more loyal to your brand.


Discover new brands and influencers

The most popular influencer or the biggest brand is not necessarily your best partner.

Through audience data, strategically decide who you should partner with next. We make this decision easy by analyzing your audience overlap with potential partners.


ITV Case Study – Campaign Analytics

For the past two years, ITV has partnered with Hitwise to provide crucial online analytics to measure and optimize their most popular TV shows. Watch Glenn Gowen, Head of Audiences, as he discusses the three core uses of Hitwise data:

  • Planning: Identifying customers or target audiences through search and visit behavioral data.
  • Implementation: Pairing target audiences with shows and advertising times.
  • Evaluation: Quantifying campaign performance through both volume and share metrics.