Competitor Analysis Tool

Get Ahead of the Competition

Imagine if you knew as much about your competitors’ sites as you do your own. This is critical to stay ahead. Hitwise can help defend and grow your market share through timely competitive insights. Through our platform and dashboards, we can provide this data right down to the hour.


Benchmark your online performance

Find out how you rank against the competition across a range of engagement and volume metrics.

Whether you need this tracked hourly or annually, we have the competitive insights to support your strategic and day-to-day decision making.


Identify competitive threats and fast risers

Who you consider as your competition can often differ to your consumers’ point of view. 

Hitwise data can identify new threats and risers. More importantly, we can help you understand what has driven their growth.


Track your share from search to purchase

See how your consumers search, consider, and purchase within your industry. Identify your position across each stage of the consumer’s journey online.

Learn about your competitors’ search tactics, the affiliates they use, and how they convert, to be able to poach customers. 

Comp Intelligence - Credit Card Searches


Capture market gaps and opportunities

We can show you daily movements in searches, product trends, and categories on competitor sites and online marketplaces.

You’ll be able to qualify market opportunities and be the first to jump on new consumer trends.