Consumer Insights Tool

Acquire Consumers, Grow Market Share

Consumers search, browse, and buy in trillions of ways. Understanding these differences is crucial to digital marketing. Hitwise reports on online behaviors at unmatched levels of granularity. We define rich segments to support customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty strategies.


Identify your buyers from your browsers

Learn what separates your most loyal and engaged consumers from your general visitors. This can include people who shop with you, return to you more often, or stay on your site for longer.

Hitwise can pinpoint these digital behaviors and more. Through our platform and data services, you can segment online audiences in meaningful and actionable ways.

Buyers vs. Bookers Nordstrom

Audi Consumer - A3 vs. TT


Understand what makes your consumers tick

Hitwise data combines audience demographics, online behaviors, and market research variables.

Through this rich fusion of online and offline data sets, we find unique insights about your consumer segments. Understand who they are, what are their interests, how they think, and how they differ from one another.


Track your consumer’s path to purchase

Pinpoint how consumers discover your brand. Understand where they go to research and compare, and which competitors are in their consideration set.

Hitwise can pinpoint your consumers’ online journeys, identifying the stages in which they arrive and drop off. We can look at this on general sites and within walled gardens.


Discover new audiences to acquire

If you know what your potential customers want, it’s much easier to attract and acquire them.

Hitwise can help you size market opportunities and pinpoint new segments to target. By identifying their digital behaviors, you can win new customers in a sustainable and cost-efficient way.