Digital Insights for Finance

Credit cards. Mortgages. Investments. People seek and search for many financial needs at different stages of their lives. Figure out how your audience behaves, at every stage.


How do your financial products convert online? 

Benchmark how your business stacks up against the competition. Get this data on a product-by-product level.  

Identify the points in which your consumers arrive and drop off during their research, consideration, and buying process. Pinpoint the competitor products that your consumers are also looking at.

Suntrust Loan Application


How do you grow your customers? 

Find out what products your customers, or potential customers, are interested in. Understand if they are also shopping around; what for and who with. 

Pinpoint the segments that you can grow, as well as the ones at risk. By zooming into their online behaviors, devise ways to upsell, or win them back. 

AMEX vs. DISCOVER Audience Overlap Finance Trends


Do you have a blind spot on price comparison sites?

Understand how your financial products are searched for and viewed within price comparison sites. See how your products rank compared to the competition. 

With these insights, decide on which sites you should partner with. Additionally, optimize how your products appear through sponsored ads or native content. 


Do you have the right channel mix? 

Identify the list of sites that your customers, or potential customers, use to research, browse, and compare. 

Through behavioral insights by segment, prioritize channels and sites that send valuable costumers to you, and your competition. 

Checking Account vs. Credit Card Visitors- Channel Optimization


Are you providing the right financial content?

Keep a pulse on your customers by tracking their online search and browsing behaviors.

Get this data frequently, down to the day. This will help you adapt your content and search tactics to reach more prospects, and engage more consumers.

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