2019 Holiday Planning Webinar [On-Demand]

Plan ahead for 2019’s Peak Week

Watch the Hitwise Holiday Planning Webinar On-Demand where we unveil:

  • Top online stats from 2018’s peak days, including Black Friday, Cyber Week, and Boxing Day
  • Amazon’s online strategy and performance, including top categories, product purchases and searches
  • Key online trends from 2019 so far
  • Recommendations and tactics for planning for retail peak this year

US Session
Join John Fetto, Director of Custom Analytics, and Julia Millot, Content Strategy & Insights Manager, as they delve into the world of Amazon and other top retailers. Understand how peak weeks in 2019 will evolve, and find out how to compete (or work with) the largest company in the world.

UK Session
Lisa Luu, Global Head of Insights, and Angela Hope, Strategic Account Director, will dive into key learnings from 2018’s lack-lustre peak period. Find out key tactics on how to find and attract online customers as a brand, or how to stack up against Amazon as a competitor retailer.

AU Session
Join Mohan Gopal, Senior Analyst, and Alex Dorman, Business Development Manager, as they review key trends from retail peak period.

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