Amazon Analytics 2018 Report

Amazon vs. Top 50 Retailers

Prime Day 2018 was another record-breaking success for Amazon. What happened, and how are competitors responding?

With six more hours of exclusive deals than last year, Prime Day 2018 generated over 17 million transactions; an YoY increase of 16%.

In Hitwise’s latest report, we’ll take a deep dive into what is driving Amazon’s continued success.

We look at how the e-tailing giant is addressing customers’ shifting expectations, and ultimately, what competitors are doing to even the playing field.

Learn more about:

– The real reason behind Amazon’s string of acquisitions, such as Whole Foods
– How competitors are faring against transaction, conversion, and visit share
– Why consumers are trending towards an “Amazon-only” mindset
– What drove a record $3.5 billion in sales globally on Prime Day
– How to create a playbook for retailers or brands wanting to compete

Key attributes of these audiences:

– The ‘total action’ around Prime Day products
– Creating a playbook for brands wanting to compete
– Which product categories drive the most sales
– Why people are increasingly turning to Amazon

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