UK Beauty Report 2019

The Battle Between Brand and Retailer

A love-hate relationship exists between cosmetics brands and retailers. Brands would prefer to sell directly, but retailers attract larger volumes of visits, sales and customers.

In 2019, the Top 50 Beauty Retailers averaged 48M visits per month – 4 times greater than the Top 50 Beauty Brands. Only 16% of Retailer Visitors also browsed on brand sites, showing little overlap between the two segments.

In our latest UK Beauty Report, we analyse the growth drivers behind beauty and comsetics disruptors like Cult Beauty, Revolution Beauty and Amazon Beauty. Using the latest industry insights, we break down the process of how cosmetics brands should:

  • Use search intelligence to track competitors, fast-rising products and identify missed search terms.
  • Apply page level insights to help brands capitalise on declining competitors and identifying opportunities from disruptors.
  • Analyse Amazon Beauty using the latest purchase data to see which brands are converting into sales.