Buyers vs. Browsers

Audience-Based Marketing To Acquire And Engage More Buyers

Whether you have buyers, bookers or applicants, each business wants to grow their customers and increase their conversions.

These needs existed well before the digital age. But over the past decade, the internet has transformed how consumers search for, consider, and buy products and services. Martech has also transformed how businesses can reach their potential buyers.

But, have evolutions made it more difficult to identify, convince, and acquire new customers?

Hitwise data simplifies and amplifies this process. In this report, we will show how online audience analytics can help:

  • Pinpoint buyers from general visitors using digital behaviors, with examples from Zara and Adidas
  • Acquire more buyers through search and clickstream insights
  • Identify why browsers go to the competition and win-back tactics for booking sites like Airbnb

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