Hitwise Competitive Benchmarking Report


Competitive benchmarking is critical to stay ahead. Imagine if you knew as much about your competitors’ sites as you do about your own. Hitwise can help defend and grow your market share through timely competitive analysis. Through our platform and dashboards, we can provide this data right down to the hour.

Get the answers you need to understand your performance against key competitors now:

  • Who are the key players in your space?
  • How are your visits benchmarking against your key competitors?
  • How are your engagement metrics doing vs. other players in your space?

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Hitwise can dig deeper into your competitive analysis:

  • Benchmark your online performance, from hourly or dail to annually
  • Identify competitive threats and fast risers and what has driven that growth
  • Track your and your competitor’s share from search to purchase, at every stage of the journey
  • Capture market gaps and opportunities, to be the first to jump on new consumer trends.

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*Subject to data availability, traffic volumes and qualification.

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