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Consumer and audience first strategies are critical to staying ahead. Consumers search, browse and buy in trillions of ways. Understanding these differences is crucial to digital marketing. Hitwise reports on online behaviors at unmatched levels of granularity. We define rich segments to support customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty strategies.

Get the insights you need to understand your audience and your competitor’s:

  • Who are your consumers and what is their demographic? What is their lifestyle like and where are they geographically? 
  • What does their online activity look like when they’re not on your site, and what do they visit before and after your site?

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Hitwise can provide more insights into your consumer segments:

  • Identify your buyers from your browsers through audience segmentation
  • Understand what makes your consumers tick by combining audience demographics, online behaviors, and market research variables
  • Track your consumer’s path to purchase and identify the stages in which they arrive and drop 
  • Discover new audiences to acquire by identifying their digital behaviors

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*Subject to data availability, traffic volumes and qualification.

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