Home Electronics Report UK 2019

Optimise how your brand is searched for, browsed, and purchased on retailer sites.

The UK online retail landscape is dominated by a handful of players. From Amazon, John Lewis, Argos, to Curry’s, the top 10 retailers account for 42% of online retail traffic. Amazon alone receives over 25% of this traffic and converts around 7% into transactions. Last year saw the e-tailing giant process 27 million transactions over Cyber Week; an increase of 13% year-on-year.

Very few brands in the home electronics space have a direct e-commerce site and rely on retailers to drive sales. As a result, manufacture brands are left with blind spots. So, how are their products searched for, how are consumers comparing brands, how are their products converting and, more importantly, how can they grow sales on retailer sites?

In our latest UK Home Electronics Report we answer these questions and cover:

  • How brands like Sonos can optimise their searches on Google AND within retailers.
  • How brands like Samsung can improve their product visibility on retailers.
  • How TV brands like Toshiba can grow their sales on Amazon.