Fashion Report 2018

Digital Tactics for Retailers and Brands

2018 was tough on retailers and brands.

With online visits rising by 17%, compared to 2017, the online channel is driving growth for the fashion industry.

Key to this rise are innovative retailer and brands, both pure players and traditional brick-and-mortars, getting digital marketing and e-commerce tactics right.

In Hitwise’s latest report, we look at what happened in the past year and spotlight top brands like Gucci and fastest risers like SheIn.

We also preview some of the top challenges facing the industry, and provide a list of recommendations and tactics to combat these.

In this report, we dive into:

– How Gucci saw 108% growth in online visits, as well as other top brands
– How Amazon has their eyes set on fashion, with private labels rising by 40%+
– How consumer expectations have shifted around discounting and sales
– How loyalty has changed with the rise of online shopping
– Digital tactics fashion players can utilize to overcome these challenges