House & Garden Report UK 2019

Anticipated as the next big weekend for retailers after Christmas, will 2019’s Easter deliver its expectations for the House & Garden sector?

Looking at growing search terms year-on-year, Britons are getting more conscious of their environmental impact in the garden and home. Home-related searches additionally show a number of growing contradictions and opposing styles. So what are 2019’s key audiences demanding and how are top players and fast risers capitalising on their needs?

In this report, we look at top search and product trends in preparation for the Easter period, and spotlight retailers and audiences driving growth in the sector.

We deliver key insights for the House and Garden Industry, including:

  • Top consumer search trends in preparation for the Easter holidays.
  • Who this year’s key audiences are for the Home & Garden sector and what they are searching for.
  • The most successful brands converting from these key audiences.
  • How Amazon’s popularity differs with audience preferences and products.