Behind the Data: Brewdog & Beer Trolling [On-Demand Video]


Wednesday 14th November, 2pm – 2:30pm BST

Product Webinar Series

In the last five years, the UK has seen over a 60% rise of breweries being established.  With a sudden increase in competition it is essential, that breweries and in turn, craft beers, can differentiate themselves within a crowded marketplace.

In this webinar, we reviewed Brewdog’s latest campaign against mainstream rival brewers, and the war on craft beer, analysing their key takeaways and ideas which have propelled them to success.

  • Engagement: The rise of the Craft Beer market; taking a look at the digital impact Brewdog has and the gap mainstream brewers have left to create engagement online.
  • Audience: Who exactly is Brewdog’s audience and how have they changed over time?
  • Market Share: With Brewdog’s online engagement rising, we’ll take a look at where and how Brewdog is stealing audiences, and where the Brewdog audience is shopping.

You can View the Webinar Deck Here

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