Macro Trends Shaping the Travel Industry

Gone are the days of the travel stereotype

With the rise of Metasearch sites and Rental players like Airbnb coming to fruition within the past decade, the travel industry has become subject to change.

The reality is that not only have these big players disrupted the marketplace, but also, the emergence of differentiating consumer segments have made us question the “traditional” travel stereotype and reassess their impact on travel trends.

In this report, we explore the the trends which reinvent the travel stereotype and outline some ideas which you can use to your advantage.

Download our Travel trends report to see how the travel consumer is evolving!

– Travel Stereotypes no more – How the travel consumer is changing trends and breaking stereotypes
– Mobile continues to expand – How mobile rates are largely varied across travel verticals
– Metasearch grows as a checkpoint – How exactly consumers are using metasearch
– Conversion Optimisation – How to use competitive and audience intelligence to convert more customers (use cases: Amazon, John Lewis)
– Growing Lifetime Value – How to identify upselling and partnership opportunities (use cases: Natwest, Virgin Money)