UK Fashion Report

How can fast fashion, mid & premium tiers compete online?

2019 has been challenging for many brands and retailers.

Declining online industry traffic, store closures, and consumers questioning fashion’s contribution to the environment.

However, there are brands like Net-A-Porter, Zalando and Charles Tyrwhitt, which despite all of this, are excelling within their retail categories.

So, what exactly is driving their growth, and what can we learn?

In this retail analytics report, Hitwise breaks down the success of these retailers, reccommends the latest digital tactics and outlines a process to optimise and grow online fashion audiences.

With this FREE report, you will discover:

  • Which searches and products fashion brands are missing out on
  • How to uncover retailer blindspots with our recommended tactics and digital insight
  • How tiers of fashion brands and retailers can grow their market share
  • How fast-risers are responding against the tier by tier decline in online traffic