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What do consumers care about in 2019?

With the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, consumers are increasingly searching for the impact of Brexit on their personal finances.

Challenger banks and Open Banking are disrupting the industry by offering simpler, mobile-enabled alternatives and enabling customers to search for the best deals, based on their own individual spending habits.

But, are consumers expecting more? Are they more likely to switch in 2019? And, how can financial providers continue to reach and engage with their customers digitally?

Hitwise and CACI have partnered to answer these key questions and provide insights in:

  • What consumers care about in 2019 and how this can be used to grow and reach target audiences.
  • How to segment and reach digital consumers so that you can ensure your ads and content reaches them.
  • Understand where your valuable audience spends their time online and analyse their behaviours for potential targeted media and partnership opportunities.

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