A Look at Luxury Brands and Consumers in 2018 [On-Demand Video]

Transformation is the defining theme for the luxury personal goods market in 2018.

With total global sales projected to reach $313 billion this year, the luxury sector is enjoying a resurgence and, in some cases, renewed identity. Today, we see luxury’s transformation not only in the progressive designs, styles and representations of fashion, but also in the deeper cultural shift happening inside even the most traditional luxury houses. Embrace of online, the continued influence of millennials, and the infiltration of trend-altering movements, like Streetwear, are all factors that are redefining luxury brands’ place in consumer’s lives.

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During this special session, you’ll learn:

  • Who is today’s luxury consumer, and how are luxury brands reaching them?
  • Trends in site visits and online searches for brands
  • Notable changes happening within luxury fashion houses, and their influence on the reinvention of the luxury brand identities
  • Fresh social media insights and engagement examples from leading luxury brands

This on-demand webinar features highlights from PMX Agency’s annual “Luxe” report created in partnership with Hitwise. This highly-anticipated report examines the digital offerings for 80 luxury apparel brands, ranging from Louis Vuitton to Christopher Kane.

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