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Prime Day 2018 and Amazon’s Impact to the Retail Industry

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Amazon is trailblazing the e-commerce spectrum and beyond.

The $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods signified Amazon’s serious bid into the brick-and-mortar space. The recent $1 billion acquisition of Pillpack is already shaking up the pharmaceutical industry.

Prime Day 2018, which covered 36 hours of exclusive deals on July 16/17, was another display of Amazon’s dominance. Over 17 million transactions were processed on Amazon’s site in just two days, accounting for 86% of all transactions among top retailers.

In this webinar, Hitwise is partnering with leading agency, Spark Foundry, to examine Prime Day and the impact of Amazon to the larger online retail industry. We will uncover top stats from the day, the rise of Prime memberships, and more.

  • Prime Day’s best selling and fast-moving products, brands and categories
  • Prime Day’s impact to the online retail industry 
  • The rise in Prime Memberships and the profile of Amazon-exclusive buyers
  • The role of Amazon as an online search engine
  • Tactics for combat or collaborate with Amazon, as a retailer or brand

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