Hitwise is audience-first, actionable, globally-compliant, and unmatched in granularity and frequency. Our methodology is powered by a data collection, transformation and delivery process, perfected over the last two decades.


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Multi-Dimensional Data Sources

Hitwise has a deep sample of highly representative internet users, from multi-dimensional and representative sources. This ensures we capture how different consumers search, browse, and purchase by device.

1. Observed web-behavioral data: Hitwise has strategic partnerships with companies that have expansive coverage on desktop browsing, mobile browsing, and mobile applications. These companies provide their customers with a range of custom browser experiences, anti-virus, and firewall applications.

2. Demographic and geographic data: We incorporate demographic and segmentation overlays from a variety of global marketing service providers. We also collect sources that enable granular geographic classifications of internet behaviors.

3. Leading consumer research data: Hitwise also partners with market-leading research providers, such as: Simmons Research (NCS), Kantar Media (TGI), and Survey Sampling International (SSI). These partnerships allow us to create a unique, rich fusion of consumer attitudes, offline consumption, and online behaviors.


Pioneering Data Science for 20 Years

Hitwise has been transforming sample data into highly representative online audiences for over two decades (so almost as long as the internet!).

We utilize a data transformation process that is founded on established market research principles alongside proprietary modeling techniques. This process continues to evolve with advancements in the internet and new data technologies.

Our data goes through a sophisticated cleansing, filtering, merging, weighting, and scaling process on a daily basis.

During this process, Hitwise data is calibrated with demographic, geographic and market research data, allowing us to uniquely report on granular audience segments.


Flexible and Timely Delivery

How data is delivered is just as important as the data collection and transformation process.

Our clients get the most out of Hitwise data through our easily accessible delivery formats. This means they can access our data through several means, including: the Hitwise self-service platform, self-service scheduled reports, custom-built data feeds, and custom-build dashboards in leading visualization tools like Tableau.

We also ensure our clients can get their hands on insights as soon as they occur. We report on digital behaviors down to the hour, and deliver this on a daily basis, or even within the day.

industry verified and compliant


Industry Verified and Compliant

Clients are one of our greatest contributors of verification.

Hitwise has a cross-section of clients that benchmark our data against their own website trends, from sources like Google Analytics. We additionally partner with industry leading-research partners for further verification.

Hitwise also takes compliance and data protection very seriously.

We work with our partners to remove all personally identifiable information (PII) and any invalid traffic, allowing us to report only on anonymized trends.

All data partners verify with us on an ongoing basis that they are compliant with all respective regional data protection legislation. We are satisfied that consumers receive a fair value exchange for agreeing to share their internet behaviors.

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