Digital Insights for News & Media

When you know your readers and viewers, you know what to focus on. Find out what they are interested in, and how to best position your audience.


How does your site stack up to the competition?

Track your online market share against the competition.

Understand at which point, over the week, day or even within the day, your publication gains or loses share.  

Online Share & Top Articles by Hour


How do you find the latest story?

Use behavioral data to learn what your readers are searching for and consuming online, down to the specific article.

Generate content that your readers are interested in, and be the first to spot new trends. 


Who is viewing your content?

Hitwise combines digital behavioral data with demographics and market research data.

This means you can learn more about the types of people engaging with your content, from attributes like age and income, to their brand preferences and attitudes. 

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Are you getting the best ad sales?

Prove the value of your readership and viewership to brands.

Hitwise can help you define what makes your audience unique. We can also prove how your publication wins over the competition, through engagement metrics like audience reach and visits per user.


How do you prove your sponsorship value?

Demonstrate concrete online results before, during, and after a campaign. 

Hitwise has daily, audience-first analytics that accurately measures campaign performance. We can help you quantify uplifts in online share, engagement, and sales to brands. 

Client Stories



Attracting millions of visitors a month, Condé Nast’s success relies on relentless optimization in reader engagement. Their growth is also driven by a big team of digital editorial staff, who require best-in-class search intelligence and competitor analysis tools.



Condé Nast titles have enjoyed huge growth in traffic from organic search, with individual articles seeing over 100% year-on-year gains. “Building digital readership demands data that’s both UK-specific and highly accurate, and Hitwise delivers this in spades.”

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