Uncover Your Online Blind Spots

Retail Analytics

Brands often operate in a black box when it comes to retailers. Retailers equally have blind spots on their competition. Hitwise helps to uncover these blind spots and improve brand-retailer relationships. We provide insights within and across retailers – from search, page view, to purchase.

Retail Analytics - Nordstrom vs. Bloomingdales


Get visibility by category, brand and product

If you are a brand, how do your products stack up across different retailers? If you are a retailer, are your categories and brands performing better on competitor sites?

When you understand the trends and the gaps, you are able to ensure your portfolio covers all bases.


Track your performance within walled gardens

Understand the trends for your category,  how they shift online and within walled gardens.

Find out how often people view your products and buy them. Then, compare that with how they perform in walled gardens.

Fast-moving trends


Optimize how your products appear on Amazon

Understand how consumers search for your category in Amazon, and identify how these behaviors differ to Google.

Find out what keywords they used, and who gets that traffic. Then tailor your ads, descriptions, and strategy to make sure you are always on top.


Keep tabs on the competition

Discover how your consumers behave within walled gardens, like Amazon, and the journey they make to buy your products. That includes what they search for, view, and buy.

Monitor and compare these steps against your competitors to know if you are ahead or lagging behind.

Business Applications

Insights & Analytics

Identify the products, brands, and categories driving your competitors’ performance. 


Trading & Merchandising

Address opportunities and gaps in your products range. Protect and grow your category share.

Search Marketing

Understand how consumers search on retailers. Direct your sponsored ads for the right searches.



Optimize how your clients’ products appear and convert on retailers, like Amazon.


Brand Sourcing

Identify strategic partnerships with the best, not necessarily biggest, brands.

Retailer Partnerships

Work with retailers that give you valuable and high-converting consumers.

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