Digital Insights for Retail

Your consumers. Your competitors. Even inside walled gardens. Understand the big picture and the granularity by audience.

Adidas vs. Under Armour


How do you grow your customers?

Find out who exclusively uses you, as well as those who overlap with your competitors.

Study how these segments behave online. See what other products and brands they’re interested in. Using these insights, tailor your product and marketing campaigns to grow and keep them loyal. 

Daily Visits Transactions & Conversions


How do you stack up against the competition?

Compare your performance against known competitors and rising threats. See how your site is performing against metrics like total visits, purchases, and conversions. 

Understand what products, brands, and categories are driving your competition’s growth. 


Do you have the right channel mix?

Identify which affiliates and partners drive high-converting audiences to you and your competition.

By tracking conversions by channel, prioritize your marketing spend to acquire new customers. 

Retail - Chart 4@2x


Do you have a blind spot on retailer sites?

As a brand understand how your products are searched for, viewed, and convert within retailer sites. As a retailer, benchmark your performance on a product, brand, or category level.


How do you spot the latest trends?

Explore what products and brands your customers, or potential customers, are searching for and browsing online, and how this shifts over time. 

Track this on a weekly, or even daily basis, so you are the first to tailor your product promotions, PPC, SEO, and content. 

Retail Analytics - Fast Moving Trends

Client Stories

New Look Case Study


Search is key. Customers looking for “Alexa’s BAFTA bag” won’t find it if a retailer still refers to a “striped tote”. Similarly, rapid changes in fashion terms can make it harder for brands to respond effectively. 


Hitwise is used across the board to optimize search, website, and marketing performance. It means New Look meets changing customer needs by anticipating what they are looking for and how they search for it. 

Hear from our top clients

ikea testimonial

When we see a competitor driving a lot of traffic from a particular social media channel or email campaign, with Hitwise, we can drill down and better understand what’s working for them.

Our best kept secret is looking at internal search behavior on our competitor’s website. It helps us understand what their customers want, and what specific campaigns or products are performing well.

Best Buy uses Hitwise to benchmark the competition, but more importantly, to understand online consumer trends.

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