Retail Peak Planner 2019

Retail’s “Golden Quarter” from October to December is upon us, where every single day, campaign and marketing dollar counts! 

By exploring this interactive dashboard, find out the top learnings and key dates from last year’s peak period. As the weeks unfold, stay up-to-date with the latest hot products and channel movements to inform your retail peak planning.

Visit every week and get the latest insight on channel mix, product performance, and search, including:

Top product searches and top product purchases on Amazon 

Channel trends, online engagement and paid rates by retail category

Comparison of key dates and channel performance between this year vs. last year  




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A/ 2019 Hot Products: 

Top Searches – Volume of unique users searching for specific product term, 2019 week to date. Excludes generic retailer/branded search terms.

Top Purchases on Amazon – Volume of product purchases on Amazon, 2019 week to date. Based on Amazon ASIN code.

B/ 2019 Channel Trends: 

Visits Per User – Average number of visits per unique user by category, weekly in 2018 vs 2019 week to date. 

Channel Mix – Share of clicks per channel by category, 2019 week to date.

Search Split – Share of search clicks from a paid ad vs. organic click, 2019 week to date.

C/ Top Tips: 

2018 Buyer Rate – Proportion of visitors that purchased (compared to visitors that did not purchase), weekly.  

2018 Visitors – Total visitors to the online retail industry, weekly.

2018 Conversion Rate – Proportion of visits that lead to online purchase, weekly.  

2018 Search Paid Rate – Share of search clicks from a paid ad (compared to organic click), weekly.

Note by Market: Buyer & Conversion Rates – AU: Calculated on top 15 retail sites, UK: Calculated on top 20 retail sites, US: Calculated on top 50 retail sites. Visitors – For the US, Volumes reflect top 50 retail sites.

C/ Key Dates: 

Timeline by Category – Note: Black Friday will fall in Week 9 this year (ending 30/11/2019) compared to Week 8 (ending 24/11/2018) last year. 

Channel Mix Over The Quarter – Share of clicks per channel to the online retail industry, Oct-Dec 2018.