Search and Channel Optimisation Tool

Enhance Your Digital Marketing

Get the right message, at right time and place, to the right consumer – that is the ultimate goal of a digital marketer. Hitwise provides search, clickstream, and visit data by target segments. These insights can amplify your SEO, PPC, media, partnership, and affiliate strategies.


Optimize your organic and paid search

We track millions of searches every day on search engines like Google and Bing, and within walled gardens like Amazon.

Our rich data allows you to find trending keywords, identify paid and organic splits, and highlight terms that you’re missing out on. We report on the general online population and on specific audience segments, so you can create highly targeted PPC, SEO, and content strategies.

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Identify channels and affiliates that drive conversions

Understand where your different consumers go to research, browse and compare, before entering your site.

Whether it’s through search, rewards, aggregators, social media or email, identify what sites are sending valuable consumers to you, and to your competition. Track this regularly to optimize your channel mix.


Enhance your display efforts with audience insights

Your site is just one of hundreds that your consumers visit on a weekly basis.

Understand where your target audience also goes to browse, view, and consume content. Use these insights to strategically place display ads, create relevant native content, and build effective whitelists.

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