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We've made Hitwise even better with on-demand intelligence and use cases to help your teams be successful.

The New Hitwise Platform


Understand the people behind the behavior

Hitwise can combine audience characteristics, website visit behavior and search behavior for a 360 view of the consumer. Learn about your customers, define custom consumer segments, size them, and discover ideal, target audiences.


Know your competitor’s site as well as your own

The new platform helps companies go beyond site-centric analytics with insight on how they are performing vs. the competition.

Hitwise identifies important competitive gaps and reveals opportunities to reach your ideal target audience.


Right message, right place & time, right consumer

Optimize your search and content strategies by understanding how consumers search for products and services across search engines and even inside sites.

The new platform allows users to quickly identify key search trends and the keywords that drive intent to influence wider SEO, PPC, content and affiliate strategies.

With insights organized by use case,
which solution meets your team’s needs?

Benchmark your properties, know your competitive position in real-time, and conquest competitor traffic.

Engage customers with custom audience segmentation and understand their demographic and lifestyle profiles. 

Optimize search and content strategies with deep keyword intelligence.

Drive channel strategies and better affiliate marketing decisions through enhanced clickstream analytics, now with custom audience attributes.

Measure performance through empirically-driven product category and conversion tracker indicators.

Hear from our top clients

When we see a competitor driving a lot of traffic from a particular social media channel or email campaign, with Hitwise, we can drill down and better understand what’s working for them.

Hitwise’s provision of the end-to-end search funnel data provides us with valuable insights for our marketing strategy and helps us make educated business decisions.

Hitwise is an easy investment to make, and one that pays for itself many times over. Using Hitwise data, we are able to myth-bust assumptions and turn a ‘no’ into a ‘yes’ - winning the deal and delivering a very successful campaign.

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