Digital Insights for Travel

Why does someone book with you instead of your competitor? What is their next travel destination? Understand it all.


Do you have a blind spot on OTAs and Metasearch engines?

As an operator, understand how you are searched for, viewed, and convert within Online Travel Aggregators (OTAs), and Metasearch sites.

These insights are equally important if you are a competing OTA or Metasearch player. Benchmark your conversion rates and bookings to see where you can win market share. 

Conversion Funnel


Are your travelers booking or dropping off?

Analyze your travelers’ booking funnel on Metasearch Engines, OTAs, and Travel Operators. 

See the point at which potential customers drop off. Then discover where they go next, so you can figure out how to win them back. 


How do you spot online trends?

Be the first to spot how consumers research for their next holiday. Track changes in search, browsing and booking behaviors, then tailor your marketing campaigns to these trends.


Where do your consumers want to travel to?

Get reports, down to the day, on trending destinations and holiday types. Understand how these interests vary by type of traveler. 

Through insights by audience segment, adapt your SEO, PPC, and content strategies to reach more potential bookers. 

Delta Top Destination Searches
metasearch to airlines


Do you have the right channel mix? 

Identify what drives your most profitable consumers, and understand which sites they are using to browse, research and compare.

With insights by audience segment, be able to build engaging content, and optimize your ROI on your affiliates and partners. 

Client Stories


Best Western strives to serve the needs of their audience, but without knowing the demographics of their website visitors or the digital behavior of those who have stayed in their hotels, this was a major challenge.


“It’s important for us to know specifically who our customers are, how they behave, what they’re looking for. Then, not only that, but to know the same information about our competitors. That’s where Hitwise really comes into play for us.”

Hear from our top clients

expedia testimonial

Hitwise’s provision of the end-to-end search funnel data provides us with valuable insights for our marketing strategy and helps us make educated business decisions.

The information that Hitwise provides is very insightful and has become a major element of our digital strategy, with detailed reports provided on a quarterly basis tailored to our business requirements. 

The ability to access rankings data has enabled us to distribute frequent reporting, conduct thorough analysis on our key competitors, as well as identify trends in the travel industry. 

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