2018 Holidays Unwrapped: AU Market [On-Demand…

2018 Holidays Unwrapped: AU Market [On-Demand Video]

Key Trends and Insights from the 2018 Holiday Season

What were the hottest holiday products of 2018? Who were the top-performing retailers? Discover these and other insights in Hitwise’s annual Holidays Unwrapped analysis.

What you’ll learn

  • Top traffic days during the 2018 holiday season
  • Which retailers generated the most sales and who had the best conversion rates
  • Amazon and their holiday strategy, including top internal searches, category movements, and top purchased products
  • Key audience segments and behaviors, including customer overlap across multiple retailers and those who purchased exclusively from Amazon

This annual presentation features key insights from the 2018 holiday shopping season, which includes Black Friday, Cyber Week, and Christmas.

Amazon AU saw 88% YoY growth in Q4 2018

For Q4 2018, total visits for Amazon AU were up 88% YOY due to their successful Black Friday push; however, they still remain behind the largest players in the shopping and classified category. The total visits to eBay were slightly down, but the retailer still dominates in the online shopping landscape with 9.25% of the share. 

Total Visits to Key Websites in Shopping & Classifieds
Q4 2018 vs Q4 2017

Total visits to key websites in shopping & classifieds
Source: Hitwise, total visits to top Shopping & Classifieds websites, Q4 2018 vs Q4 2017

Boxing Day and Black Friday saw the strongest YoY growth (+7.5%)

Looking at the overall sales events between 2017 and 2018, we can compare the dominance of each sales day YOY, especially the success and growth of Black Friday and Boxing Day. Cyber Monday and Click Frenzy Day 2 also recorded relatively strong growth rates. This chart displays how sales events are moving away from physical stores towards the online landscape.

Key Sales Days

Key Sales Days
Source: Hitwise, daily total visits to Shopping & Classifieds industry, key sale dates 2016 – 2018

Amazon AU targeted Black Friday heavily 

We can see from this chart that Black Friday was Amazon AU’s second largest traffic day, with an increase in total visits of 186%. However, eBay continues to dominate in online traffic. 

Black Friday Top Retailers
Total Visits

Black Friday Top Retailers
Source: Hitwise, total visits to key websites, Black Friday (23rd Nov) vs Previous Friday (16th Nov) 2018

Boxing Day: Research begins on Christmas afternoon (~2pm)

Looking at 5 top retailers charted day-by-day, we can see that after lunch and through the night on Christmas Day, people begin to research for Boxing Day deals. The traffic on Boxing Day is elevated from as early as 6am and spikes at 10am. Hitwise’s hourly data, therefore, helps retailers to plan effective times to release their Boxing Day promotional messages.

Top Retailers
Total Visits

Total visits for top retailers
Source: Hitwise, hourly total visits to selected retailers, 24-28 December 2018

Watch the video to learn about key insights from the 2018 Holiday Season 

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