Converting Browsers Into Buyers Masterclass: UK…

Converting Browsers Into Buyers Masterclass: UK Market [On-Demand Video]

Why converting browsers into buyers is critical in 2019

Following our popular report, our on-demand masterclass actively demonstrates how digital behavioural insights like search and purchase data on Amazon and competitor sites, can actively help brands like Zara, Aldi, Dell and Philips grow buyers and online sales.

We explain:

  • The top 5 tips to grow product sales and buyers
  • Amazon’s dominance and key takeaways from their success
  • 2018’s Golden Quarter performance and how different retail categories faired
  • How you can rethink marketshare with quality and audience metrics

Identify how your products go head-to-head on retailers

We zoom into one of Philips top product categories, electric toothbrushes, and benchmark this against their key competitor Oral B. On Amazon in this particular week, Philips saw a 19% purchase rate, which is quite high for their electric toothbrushes. However, Oral B converts higher at 22%. You need to put your retailer sales into perspective and benchmark volume and purchase rates.

Philips vs. Oral B
Purchase Rate on Retailers

Track your direct vs. indirect buyer overlap

In this example, we look at Adidas’ direct buyers (someone who has made a purchase on their site) against people who have made a purchase of Adidas products on retailer sites. Looking at the data, Adidas converts around 12% of visitors to buyers on their direct site. Adidas also receives lots of buyers from retailers such as Foot Locker and Nordstrom. You need to be aware of both your indirect and direct buyers, and ensure they differ. By tracking your audience overlap, you are able to identify threats or opportunities. 

Visitors vs. Adidas Buyers
Direct (on Adidas) and Indirect (on Foot Locker & Nordstrom)

Hitwise, US. Audience = visitors/buyers to Adidas’ site, visitors/Adidas buyers on Foot Locker, visitors/Adidas buyers on Nordstrom. Period = 12 weeks ending December 29, 2018.

Understand your buyers’ paths to purchase

Similar to Adidas, Dell sells on their direct site and other retailer sites. Dell receives 29% of all searches around their products but at a higher paid rate of 21%. Amazon receives 10% of these searches at a lower paid rate of 10%. When it comes to browsing products, Amazon has higher views with 2.0M. Whereas, purchases are higher on Dell’s direct site.

Paths to Purchase

On Dell’s SiteOn Amazon’s Site
Search29% search share for Dell
21% paid rate
10% search share for Dell
6% paid rate
Browse623K views of Dell’s laptops
8.5% visit-to-laptop rate
2.0M Amazon views of Dell’s laptops
14% Dell’s share of laptop views
Purchase137K all purchases on Dell
1.9% visit-to-purchase rate
64K all Dell purchases on Amazon
1.2% Dell page view-to-purchase rate

Learn how to convert your browsers into buyers to grow online sales

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