2017 Christmas Planning: UK Market [On-Demand…

2017 Christmas Planning: UK Market [On-Demand Video]

Being one of the biggest events of the year, retailers need to make sure they are prepared for the festive season.

Watch our on-demand Christmas 2017 planning presentation to uncover key trends from the 2017 festive season.

How can brands plan their campaigns effectively for this season?

In this on-demand webinar, we dive into:

• Key learnings from 2016’s Christmas online shopping season

• Hourly breakdown of Cyber Week and Black Friday 2016

• Spotlight on key online audiences and shopping behaviours

• How to get a head start for 2017’s Christmas Season

“Retailer Creep” was key to 2016, with deals starting well before Black Friday

According to a 2016 list Hitwise collated of the top 75 retailers, we can see that on Monday, November 14th, there are already 43 retailers who were actively pushing Black Friday deals to prepare consumers. This uptick peaks on Black Friday with 65 retailers participating in Black Friday deals. 

2016: How many retailers from the ‘top 75’ participated in Black Friday Deals?

Source: IMRG 2017

How can I drive traffic to my site over peak periods?

Looking at channels and thinking about how we can drive traffic to sites over peak periods, we need to be as granular as possible due to the hourly and daily fluctuations over peak periods. The ability to be agile and respond to these audience shifts is crucial. We can see that search is the most popular channel over Cyber Week. Black Friday maintains a good momentum throughout the day, peaking slightly in the evening.

Understand peak hours of key channels
Key upstream channels to shopping and classifieds

Source: Hitwise 2017

How should I allocate spend on Amazon vs. Google?

There is a difference in product demand between Amazon and Google. Looking at the top 100 search terms, we saw that Google had much higher branded searches in comparison to Amazon, which tended to have more generic product searches. 

Demand differs for Amazon & Google
Branded terms vs Generic terms

Source: Hitwise 2017, Audience based on Top 100 Terms on Amazon, 8 weeks ending 24/12/2016

Watch the video to learn how to beat your competitors this Christmas

Want to download the slides? Click Here.

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