Christmas Unwrapped: Peak Planning 2017 [On-Demand…

Christmas Unwrapped: Peak Planning 2017 [On-Demand Video]

In this webinar recording, we look at data from Black Friday through to the New Year. 

What will you learn? 

– Online retail performance over peak periods, Cyber Week and Christmas 
– Which Christmas campaigns worked and saw an uplift online 
– Which channels were used by top retailers 
– How was search used to drive traffic to retailer sites

Online Retail Overall: Department Stores and Electronics Saw Significant Growth 

With the Amazon AU launch, the Department Store sub-industry saw more visits than Auctions in 2017. House & Garden also performed well. Whilst not double digit growth, apparel visits rose by +6%. Overall, the average percentage change YoY across all sub-industries was +10%.

Monthly Total Visits
Shopping & Classifieds Sub-Industries -Dec-16 vs Dec-17

Source: Hitwise, December visits to Shopping & Classifieds sub-industries 2016 vs 2017

How Did Brands Perform During Black Friday?

Kogan enjoyed a surge in visits around lunch time of Black Friday. JB Hi Fi peaked at 10AM, surpassing eBay & Amazon for visits in that hour. Contrasting with this, eBay peaked at 9PM with the highest hourly visitation of the day. The top 15 retailers saw three distinct peaks across the day. These peaks were: early-mid morning, late afternoon and later evening.

Black Friday Hourly Visitation
(from users who searched for Black Friday terms) Top Retailers

Source: Hitwise, hourly total visits to selected retailer websites, 24 November 2017

Boxing Day News & Deal Aggregators Saw High Search Traffic

Finder captured more than 10% of Boxing Day related search traffic. Amazon AU also performed strongly ahead of Myer & Kogan, because of paid search spend. OzSale was another top site with a high paid search rate. Nearly 80% of their traffic was paid clicks. There are two distinct strategies here. Firstly, capture the search traffic directly via paid search efforts. And, work with aggregators and news sites to feature deals on sites via organic search.

Top Websites Receiving Traffic From Boxing Day Search Terms

Source: Hitwise, Boxing Day search traffic to selected websites, 1 week ending 30 December 2017

Watch the video to learn about key trends in 2017 

Want to download the slides? Click here

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