Digital Activation [On-Demand Video]

Digital Activation [On-Demand Video]

Leveraging Custom Audiences to Drive Holiday Spend

In this on-demand presentation, discover answers to questions like:

  • How do I find new consumers this holiday season?
  • How can I build and reach specific audience personas for new products?
  • Where can I define and target audiences using search intelligence?

As consumer expectations become more demanding, digital marketing must and has evolved. Marketers are increasingly faced with a data dilemma. They either have too few or too much data to inform decision-making.

In this video, Hitwise uncovers simple and actionable solutions to combat this data dilemma. We walk through how businesses can draw insights to enhance their digital marketing campaigns.

Hitwise Activation: Why and how it came to be

Hitwise can see the entire path of users online. This allows us to bring a new approach to building and activating audiences in the programmatic arena. We see the full view of each user’s online journey. Therefore, we can create an audience around any online event in any stage of the funnel for mobile and desktop.

We see the entire digital consumer journey
Target future customers by going beyond walled gardens

Hitwise sees all of your audience's online events

Holiday Planning: Shopping Trends

There has been an increase over the past 15 years in online holiday spending. The predictions for 2018 is no different. If we look at the spending on key days in 2017, they illustrate the magnitude of digital consumer spending. Cyber Monday and Black Friday took the greatest share of sales. These holiday sales are also predicted to increase by 15.5% in 2018 in comparison to last year. Total retail sales are predicted to jump over 5% YOY, with Black Friday to increase over 15%. 

Growth Expected YoY
Holiday Season Retail E-Commerce Sales 2017 (by day)

Expected growth in retail ecommerce sales
Source: Internet Retailer, U.S. Commerce Department *Internet Retailer projection 

Watch the video to learn how to master digital marketing tactics 

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