2019 Holidays Unwrapped [US Market]

2019 Holidays Unwrapped [US Market]

Our annual webinar featured key insights from the 2019 retail peak holiday shopping season, including Black Friday and Cyber Week. What were the hottest holiday products of 2019? Who were the top-performing retailers?

Read about some of the key takeaways from the presentation and watch the full video for more tips and insights.

Online transactions grew +6% YoY

In 2018, online transactions to the Hitwise Retail 50 dipped during the week of December 7th. Coming off of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, consumers were taking a break in their shopping. In 2019, however and the data shows that there was no “dip”. Instead, there was a gradual tapering off of purchases during the holidays, despite 2019 being a shorter holiday season than 2018.

US 2019 Holidays Unwrapped: Transactions
Source: Hitwise, US. Share of total transactions from Hitwise Retail 50, 8 weeks ending 12/28/19 and 8 weeks ending 12/29/18.

Saturdays and Sundays are top days for transactions

In 2019, more consumers are doing their shopping on Saturdays and Sundays, with both days registering some of the top visit and transaction days in December. This change seems to indicate that consumers are in the shopping mindset both physically and virtually over the weekend.

In addition, one of the unique things to point out is the absence of any top transaction or visit days in the final week of the year. In 2018, the week of Christmas registered three of the top transaction days of the year, and we do not see that in 2019.

2019 US Holidays Unwrapped: Key Dates
Source: Hitwise, US. Ranking and share of total visits and total transactions to Hitwise Retail 50, 6 weeks ending 12/28/19.

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Social drives traffic for Black Friday shopping

While Search is the largest source of traffic for retail sites on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the breakdown below shows that there are variations among the other channel sources.

Between the two days, we do see that Social is a bigger driver on Black Friday whereas Email is stronger on Cyber Monday. This difference may have resulted from retailers and brands kicking off promotions on social media early during Black Friday and giving consumers an extra promotional push on email on Cyber Monday.

2019 US Holidays Unwrapped: Channels
Source: Hitwise, US. Share and YoY change in traffic sources to Hitwise Retail 500, 11/29/19 and 12/2/19.

Searchers for “Baby Yoda” end up on Etsy

While Disney didn’t offer much Baby Yoda merchandise during the 2019 holiday shopping season, that doesn’t mean consumers weren’t looking. An analysis of downstream traffic from searches for “Baby Yoda” showed that most ended up on Etsy while a smaller percentage landed on Amazon.

Interestingly, despite Amazon having a slightly lower downstream share, it generated 1.1 million searches for Baby Yoda.

2019 US Holidays Unwrapped: Baby Yoda
Source: Hitwise, US. Downstream traffic share and internal searches for “baby yoda”, 2 weeks ending 12/07/19.

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View the full presentation below as we dive into more of the key insights and review the Hitwise top tips for your 2020 digital marketing campaigns.

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