2017 Christmas Planning: AU Market [On-Demand…

2017 Christmas Planning: AU Market [On-Demand Video]

What do retailers need to know in this crucial planning time for Christmas? And how can brands plan more effectively this season?

Watch this on-demand presentation to discover:

  • Key learnings from 2016’s Christmas online shopping season
  • Hourly breakdown of hot sales events
  • Spotlight on key online audiences and shopping behaviors
  • Insights from top-performing retailers
  • The hottest products of 2017
  • How to get a head start for 2017’s Christmas Season

Total Visits by Day 2014-2016

This chart illustrates the YOY comparison of total visits leading up to Christmas. 2015 appears to be a challenging year on certain days, especially Boxing Day. However, when we look at 2016, there is a 55% rise in online retail visits on Boxing Day YOY. Despite this, there is also a decrease in total visits on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2016.

Key Christmas Dates
Visits to Online Retail Industry

Key Christmas Dates: Visits to Online Retail Industry

Hot Sales Events in 2015 vs 2016

Hot Sales Events have all grown between 2015 and 2016. These events are beginning to gain quite a lot of momentum in Australia, and are now being used for Christmas purchasing. Boxing Day 2016 displays a huge spike. There is also a spike on 12th December for eBay’s Green Monday which received lots of attention. 

All Hot Sales Events saw a strong growth in 2016
More Australians are seeking out a deal

All Australian Hot Sales Events saw a strong growth in 2016

The Hottest New Product

The Fidget Spinner has infiltrated almost every household in Australia. It started to register in November 2016, saw growth in March 2017, and picked up even more traction in April and May. This chart displays the different audiences searching for fidget spinners during different stages in its mass adoption. The early adopters are likely to be young males aged 18-24 years old, whereas the masses are likely to be people aged 25-44 years old.

Growth of Fidget Spinner Interest

Growth of interest in fidget spinners

Watch the video to learn more about how to prepare for Christmas 2017

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