Marketing to Healthy and Fit Consumers…

Marketing to Healthy and Fit Consumers [On-Demand Video]

Attitudes, trends, and behaviors of the health-conscious consumer

Consumers today are more willing than ever to spend money on products and services they believe will improve their wellbeing.

How can brands capitalize on this trend?

In this on-demand video, you’ll learn about:

  • The latest emerging health trends to look out for
  • Key brands succeeding vs. struggling to reach healthy consumers
  • Apparel industry shifts and athleisure trends
  • Fitness movements and media partnerships
  • Diet trends vs. fads and key search insights
  • Popular fitness products, wearables, and other technology

Eat: The cyclical rhythm of “detox” searches

Diet resolutions are extremely common in the new year for consumers who wish to reset. The term “detox” is an example of a search which rises and falls consistently at the beginning of each year. “Detox”, therefore, generates regular cyclical interests with peaks at the start of each year. 

“Detox” Searches

Searches for "detox" are cyclical
*Note: The only exception in this cyclical rhythm is the spike in July of 2014, which can be attributed to a sudden interest in the detoxification properties Niacin after the release of two major studies in the New England Journal of Medicine

Wear: Rising athleisure trends

Lululemon is defined as a brand by its athleisure apparel. We pulled the top 10 search terms which were driving traffic to their website over 52 weeks. Searches for yoga pants (their staple product) remain popular, but no longer drive the share of their clicks. Instead, we see more recent jumps in searches for sports bras for example. 

Lululemon Athletica
Top 10 Unbranded Searches

Top 10 unbranded searches for Lululemon

Move: Wanderlust

Wanderlust is an interesting example of a wellness brand which exists across multiple industries, being unified by a culture rather than a product or event. Wanderlust sells clothing, hosts music festivals, and has a variety of successful media and video channels. The versatility of the brand allows them to create a variety of partnerships to expand across multiple markets. This is shown by the impressive +1033% increase in visits.

Visits To All Industries

Wanderlust increases in visits to all industries

Watch the video to learn about the behaviors of healthy consumers

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