2018 Holiday Planning: US Market [On-Demand…

2018 Holiday Planning: US Market [On-Demand Video]

Key stats, searches and product trends for Holiday 2018

Summer is fast approaching and you know what that means: holiday planning. As retailers and agencies prepare for the festive season, they’ll need the latest retailer rankings, product trends and shopper insights under their belt.

Watch now as we dive into:

  • Hot product searches from Holiday 2017, and 2018
  • Top-converting retailers from last year’s festive season
  • Amazon trends every retailer needs to look out for
  • Hourly breakdown of Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017
  • Tips for reaching different holiday shopper audiences
  • Key Learnings from Last Year’s Shopping Season
  • Hourly Breakdown of Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017


Mobile devices play a large role among the top retailers. 7 of the top retailers were getting more than 60% of their visits from smartphones and tablets in December. Whilst Amazon and Apple’s mobile visits are the lowest compared to the other 10 retailers, this is due to their visits being channeled to the mobile app.

Mobile Share of Traffic

Conversion rate of top retailers

Looking at the conversion rates of the top 15 retailers in the chart, Amazon has the highest rate, converting 7% of visits into transactions. This is more than double of Amazon’s nearest competitor, JC Penney, who saw conversion rates of under 1%.

Conversion Rate
Top 15 Retailers

Hot products: gaming consoles update

Viewing the performance of gaming consoles during the Christmas season, we saw higher sales for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. After Christmas, Nintendo Switch moved from the highest position of sales in December 2017 to PS4 overtaking this in April 2018.

Monthly Amazon Sales of Leading Games Consoles

Watch the video to learn about key trends and insights for 2018

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