2019 Holiday Planning: AU Market [On-Demand…

2019 Holiday Planning: AU Market [On-Demand Video]

Plan ahead for 2019’s Peak Week

Watch the Hitwise Holiday Planning Webinar On-Demand where we unveil:

  • Top online stats from 2018’s peak days, including Black Friday, Cyber Week, and Boxing Day
  • Amazon’s online strategy and performance, including top categories, product purchases and searches
  • Key online trends from 2019 so far
  • Recommendations and tactics for planning for retail peak this year

Join Mohan Gopal, Senior Analyst, and Alex Dorman, Business Development Manager, as they review key trends from retail peak period.

Christmas 2018: Online Traffic Up 2% YOY in Q4

Using Hitwise data, we can identify total retail turnover and total visits on shopping and classified websites. Online traffic was up 2% YOY in Q4 2018, with total retail turnover up 3%. Traffic and retail turnover dropped slightly at the start of November. However, despite this, we saw a resurgence in December. 

Total Visits vs Retail Turnover
Monthly Visits

Source: Hitwise, Monthly Visits to Shopping & Classifieds industry. ABS – Retail Trade, Australia, Mar 2019

Amazon AU Impact: 88% YOY Growth in Q4 2018

Amazon AU grew by a strong margin at 88% YOY against other retailers. They boosted their marketing efforts by spending $68 million in 2018, compared to $1.7 million in 2017. Despite this immense growth, Amazon still lags behind in volume of sessions compared to JB Hi-Fi.

Total Visits to Key Websites in Shopping & Classifieds
Q4 2018 vs Q4 2017

Source: Hitwise, total visits to top Shopping & Classifieds websites, Q4 2018 vs Q4 2017

Key Trends for 2019: Search Interest in Lego

The Lego brand saw a significant uplift during and post the Lego Masters series. This drove search interest in Lego, leading to increased traffic towards key retailers such as Target and Big W. 

Search Variations

Source: Hitwise, search variations of Lego vs Lego Masters, Weekly: Hitwise, overlap for Lego Searchers vs Key Retailers

Watch the video to learn about how to make the most of Christmas 2019

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