2019 Holiday Planning: UK Market [On-Demand…

2019 Holiday Planning: UK Market [On-Demand Video]

Join Lisa Luu, Global Head of Insights, and Angela Hope, Head of Retail, as they delve into the world of Amazon and other top retailers.

What we cover:

  • Top online stats from 2018’s peak days, including Black Friday, Cyber Week, and Boxing Day
  • Amazon’s online strategy and performance, including top categories, product purchases and searches
  • Key online trends from 2019 so far
  • Recommendations and tactics for planning for retail peak this year

Conversion rates increased in 2018, particularly before Christmas

For total retail, we saw slowing growth with a dip in December. However, looking at conversions among top retailers, we saw significant growth, illustrating how retailers are getting more effective at turning visits into sales. The biggest online uplift was in the pre-Christmas window, which grew from 3.4% to 3.7% in the week ending 15th December. This could be driven by several things, such as: retailers getting more effective at their final push of discounts or shoppers becoming  increasingly last minute when buying gifts.

Average Online Conversion
Weekly Conversion Rate

Source: Hitwise, UK.  Average weekly conversion, calculated as a simple average across 30 top retailers.

Amazon converted 2x more than the industry average

Looking at Amazon’s conversion rates, we can see that its dominance is clear, converting nearly 2x more than the top average retailer. Amazon’s conversion rate peaked at 8.8% the week before Christmas, which was a significant uptick from the previous year.  

Average Online Conversion vs. Amazon
Weekly Conversion Rate

Source: Hitwise, UK.  Average weekly conversion, calculated as a simple average across 30 top retailer

Online Visits Have Slowed Since the Start of the Year

Another trend which has continued from last year is the slow down in online traffic. In this chart we are looking at the Hitwise fashion 150, and the biggest drops in growth have come from the fast fashion tier. In summer 2018 this tier was seeing online growth of around +20%, which has now dropped to around +5% at the start of the year. 

Hitwise Fashion 150
Monthly Visits YOY

Source: Hitwise, UK. Monthly visits to YOY to Hitwise Fashion 150 list.

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