2019 Holiday Planning: US Market [On-Demand…

2019 Holiday Planning: US Market [On-Demand Video]

Plan ahead for 2019’s Peak Week

Watch the Hitwise Holiday Planning on-demand presentation where we unveil:

  • Top online stats from 2018’s peak days
  • Amazon’s online strategy and performance
  • Key online trends from 2019
  • Recommendations and tactics

Join John Fetto, Director of Custom Analytics, and Julia Millot, Content Strategy & Insights Manager, as they delve into the world ofAmazon and other top retailers. Understand how peak weeks in 2019 will evolve, and find out how to compete (or work with) the largest company in the world.

Growing Mobile Traffic

Conversions are in favour of desktops, however, we can see that mobile traffic is over 50% during Peak Week which is seen in the ‘total’ column of the graph. Looking at the brands, Levi’s has seen the greatest shift in the use of mobile devices, with over half of their traffic coming from the mobile channel during Peak Week. Fast Fashion brands like New Chic and Zaful are also expanding their mobile engagement throughout this week.

YoY Change in Mobile Rate

Source: Hitwise Retail Top 500 mobile rate

Peak Week Transactions

If we look at the data for Peak Week Transactions, we can see a large transaction growth YOY on key shopping days. However, off-peak days also saw growth in terms of their transactions relative to these key shopping days. Overall, the off-peak days saw an average +22% increase in transactions, whereas peak sales days only grew by +11% in total.

Hitwise 50 Transactions

Amazon Category Growth

Looking at the performance of key Amazon categories in terms of their growth rate, it is evident that the strongest categories were services and handmade. On the other hand, the food and grocery category remained strong but we can identify about a -20% decrease in growth YOY.

YOY Growth vs. Purchase Share

Watch the video to discover insights from Peak Week and the 2018 Holidays

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