Digital Fashion Masterclass 2019 [On-Demand Video]

Digital Fashion Masterclass 2019 [On-Demand Video]

How To Grow Your Online Fashion Audience: 4 Tactics for 2019

With fashion brands operating in the continuously competitive market, they now need to connect with customers and potential buyers in more creative ways than ever.

The Hitwise Digital Fashion Masterclass uncovers what companies like Boohoo, SilkFred and Farfetch have in common. We dive into the latest strategies fashion brands are using to profile audiences, retain and increase buyers, and provide suggestions on how you could apply these insights.

Watch the Masterclass to:

  • See how growing brands are driven by mobile and search.
  • Understand why fast-moving search is considered a staple to your success.
  • Insights in identifying trending brands and products.
  • Learn how to map out your direct vs. indirect buyers to grow your sales.

Closely monitor fast-moving & downstream searches 

Between 2017 and 2018, we can see searches for the cycling short up +23% YOY. These shorts re-emerged as a staple piece of apparel in Summer 2018, with a handful of forward-thinking brands turning the explosive trend into a profit-making machine. This phenomena evidently peaked with celebrity influencers wearing the in-trend shorts, with the surge partially achieved by monitoring fast-moving searches to capitalising on consumer interest. 

The Cycling Shorts Phenomena 

Source: Hitwise, UK. searches for cycling shorts 2017-2018 YoY

Identify product trends within retailers

Looking at Feel Unique, it is evident that over the month of July 2018 these three brands saw incredible growth compared to June 2018. This highlights the importance of identifying trending products to capture growing audiences and accelerate brand growth. 

Feel Unique
Top Rising Product Pages 

Source: Hitwise, UK. Product page views on Feel Unique. July 2018 YoY.

Map out your direct vs. indirect buyers 

Another key recommendation for retailers is mapping out and understanding direct and indirect consumers. Adidas directly attracted 600,000 people between October to December 2018. Whilst 88,000 people indirectly bought Adidas on both Footlocker and Nordstrom. By identifying this overlap, Adidas can discover how to gain more direct consumers online.

Visitors vs. Adidas Buyers
Direct (on Adidas) and Indirect (on Foot Locker & Nordstrom)   

Source: Hitwise, US. Online purchase on Adidas or inferred purchase of Adidas on Foot Locker and Nordstrom. Q4 2018.

Understand what makes your buyers unique 

By zooming into the behavioural patterns of buyers, brands can discover what makes their consumers unique. Looking at Zara visitors and buyers, we can see what they look for, where they are browsing and where else they buy. 

Compare digital behaviours of your buyers vs. visitors.
What are they searching for and where they are buying

Zara’s VisitorZara’s Buyer
What were they looking for?“Zara Bags” (2.8X)
“Zara Dresses” (1.9X)
“Zara Baby” (1.9X)
“Zara Winter Coats” (1.8X)
“Velvet Purse” (5.8X)
“Leather Boots” (5.7X)
“Black Fur Coat” (5.7X)
“Zara Denim Jacket” (4.4X)
Where else are they browsing?Superdry (2.2X)
Coast (2.0X)
& Other Stories (2.0X)
Matches Fashion (1.9X)
Where else do they buy?Boohoo (1.2X)
Argos (1.1X)
H&M (2,4X)
ASOS (1.9X)

Source: Hitwise, UK. Online purchase and visits on Zara. Q4 2018. 

Watch the video to see how you can grow your online fashion audience

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